Dar es Salaam City is one of the world’s finest natural harbors. The Dar es Salaam, which means “Haven of Peace” in Arabic was founded in1862 by Sultan Seyyid Majid of Zanzibar Island on the site of the village Mzizima. Mzizima’s history dates back to the time when Barawa people started to settle and cultivate the areas around Mbwa Maji, Magogoni, Mjimwema, Gezaulole and Kibonde Maji.

Das es Salaam has grown to become a prosperous centre of the East Africa region. It remains the place of fascination with many reminders of its colorful past. Dhows still ply its waters while dugouts, piled with fish, bob by the habourside. The city displays the many influences of its history. Amazing Tanzania Tours can organize tours to the City, Bagamoyo, Zanzibar, Kaole ruins etc.

Present Day Dar es salaam’s origins have been influenced by myraid of sultans, the Germans and British. The Citty started as a fishing village in the 19th Century, is now Tanzania’s largets City, and has become one of East Africa’s most important ports and trading centres.

The good thing about this city is surely the presence of a multicultural society, in fact once you come to Dar es salaam, you will be amazed to find people of different ways of life existing together peacefully, irrespective of their differences.  With its great atmosphere, mix of African, Muslim, and South Asian influences, picturesque harbour, beaches, chaotic markets, and historical buildings, it is well worth extending your stay beyond the time between flights.

Rich with African, Indian and Arabic cultures, Dar es Salaam City or Haven of Peace in its Arabic name is a fast growing African urban settlement with tourist image. The colourful Kariakoo Market, alive with the rhythm of African street life, is where visitors colud feel the real African picture. Mwenge village is the site of score or more stall selling carvings, jewellery, exotic cloth and trinkets of all kinds at bargain prices.


How To Get There
Many airlines from Europe and the rest of the world fly to Dar es Salaam airport: KLM, Alliance Air, BA, Gulf Air, etc. Domestic flight transfer from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar or Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam are available daily.


What To Do
Take a guided Dar es Salaam travel tour – visit the National Museum, Nyumba ya Sanaa, Uhuru and the National Library. All will require some form of Dar es Salaam ground transportation of which Amazing Tanzania Tours can organize for you. Activities such as island hopping, swimming, scuba diving and snorking are also available.


When To Go
Accessible year round. Dry season, June-August. Wet season November-March. December- February.


Dar es Salaam hotels include the Holiday Inn or New Africa Hotel in city centre.


Dar es Salaam City Guided Itineraries

1 Day Full Dar es Salaam excursion

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