Loooking like Switzerland shrouded in the clouds, Lushoto district is nestled in the middle of the mighty Usambara Mountains, mid-way between Arusha and Dar es Salaam. It’s the centre of beautiful area boasting stunning views, waterfalls, rivers and forests. Lushoto is renowned for some of the best hiking.

Mtae village is one among the few human settlements located at a highest point in Africa and has named “The World View Point”. Another attractive site on the Usambara Mountains in Lushoto district is the Irente View Point. It is at this point on the peak of Usambara Mountains where visitors from Europe feels at home by its cool weather.

Visitors from Switzerland get home sickness at the Irente View Point. It has same weather and feelings like Swiss Alps. From here one can view many places below including the small town of Mombo and the Pare.