Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about African Safaris

 Africa for decades has been ranked as one of world stop continent for holiday tours. Tanzania is AUTHENTIC AFRICA as it contains and represent every part of Africa. Tanzania is a land of superlatives and contracts, something for everyone: From the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro to the fabled Islands of Zanzibar.  You will enjoy game drives, boat safaris, beach tours, wildlife tour, chimpanzee tracking, mountain climbing and much more.

Tanzania is the land of largest and most diverse wildlife concentrations on Earth including the matchless Serengeti plains, Ngorongoro Crater, Katavi and mighty Selous Game Reserve. A lifetime holiday visit to Africa- and specifically to Tanzania for a real adventure to experience the magic of wilderness, and splendor of its wildlife poses several basic questions to most of our clients. Amazing Tours and Travel Co. Ltd is eager to respond to questions which have been frequently asked concerning Africa and Tanzania Safari.

 We have put the questions under the following sub-topics for simplicity and not by order of priority or importance. It’s important if you have time to go through these questions clearly as they may provide a clear picture of what is about to happen while in Africa – Tanzania Tour or Safari. 

A: Tourists Security – Is it safe to go to Africa or Tanzania?

B: Safari Vehicles – Are Tanzania Safari vehicles with Roof hatch?

C: Wild Animals – Are we safe from the animals while on Africa Safari?

D: Accommodation – What kind of accommodation can I expect in Africa Safari?

E: Camping – Are we safe at tented Camps?

F: Communication – What about language barriers in Africa?

G: Packing list – What shall I pack while on Africa Safari?

H: Safari booking – How do we book a safari with you?

I: Adventure – What will I see on Africa Wildlife Safari?

J: Sesson – When should I go for Africa Safari?

K: People and Dressing – How should I dress while on Africa Safari?

L: Tipping – Should I give a tip while on Africa Safari?

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